3 Simple Ways To Build a Competent Workforce

Employees are the building force of any organization. Their dreams, hopes and aspirations, combined with the leader’s vision successfully push an organization towards its goals. The actions and knowledge of skilled workers have the potential to strengthen your workplace. So, it is good news that most employers now are seeking ways to make their employees feel engaged at the workplace. For those of you who are constantly trying to figure out the best ways to fully engage your employees, remember the 3 E’s..

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A monomer too far

“Wait, what did you say?”

I was lost yet again. It was the early days of writing the Polymer Fundamentals course, and I had no idea what we were talking about.

“Polyethylene Terephthalate,” my expert, Kevin, patiently replied.

One day, I thought to myself, I was going to be able to say that name and, if lucky, be able to spell it. On that distant day, far out on the edge of near impossibility, I would be a genius who would have mastered the concept of polymers and their chemistry. But the world of polymers was foreign and utterly daunting. I slowly typed out the words, missing letters and looking to Kevin, who spelled the name out for me, again. Continue reading “A monomer too far”

How to control Compactability of Sand?

Manufacturing industry veteran Al Alagarsamy shares a functional tip for sand production. He explains the importance of sand compactability and the factors affecting it.

What is Compactability?

Compactability relates to the reduction in volume of sand bonded with clay and water after undergoing compression applied by squeezing or compaction.

What is the ideal range for compactability?

Compactability should ideally lie in the range of 36-42.

Why is it important?

Compactability plays an important role in producing good quality molds and castings. It affects sand fill and mold density in the pockets of pattern. It also affects the integrity of mold edges and corners.

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