Throwback thursday: Founder of mechanical engineering, James Watt

The manufacturing industry today would not be the same without the extraordinary men and women who shaped it decades ago. Watch this space to learn about these visionary people and how they revolutionized this industry in their own way.

Here’s our very own version of #throwbackthursday, with inventor, chemist, and entrepreneur, James Watt. 

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Must-read Monday: Our most popular blog posts

Time flies. We are already in Q2. Let’s take a look back at some of our blog posts that stood out in terms of engagement and also refresh your memory to make sure you didn’t miss an important post. Due to a huge shift in the manufacturing industry to digitize operations, it is no surprise that the most popular posts were often related to new technological developments. 

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How predictive analytics can benefit manufacturing

Manufacturing has always been a complex world. It is only getting more complex with so much data being generated everyday, and this is certainly going to increase significantly in the future. At the center of it, surviving means being able to leverage all this data and adapting your workforce to data-driven manufacturing. Two factors are converging that make big data analytics a perfect fit for manufacturing. First are growing market pressures, including global competition, regulations, thin margins, and accelerated design cycles, among others. In order to respond, manufacturers have to be able to make data-driven decisions quickly. The second factor is the growth of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), referring to how everything is going digital and being networked. As a result, more data is being generated than ever before by equipment, automation, systems, and even the products themselves. This data just needs to be harnessed to support the decision-making process.

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