It’s time to re-energize manufacturing

In the final blog post of this series, let’s take a look at ways to ensure an increase in the number of skilled workers in the manufacturing sector.

The U.S. manufacturing industry is experiencing a time of incredible growth and is considered the world’s 8th largest economy. The country is benefiting from this success, but so are the employees! Check out the most recent data from The Manufacturing Institute:

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Focus on the roots with STEM

When reading or studying, I tend to look for patterns. It’s probably why I innately love marketing—it involves tons of data on patterns. As a woman who runs a second-generation manufacturing and engineering company I am a bit of an anomaly, a disruption to the normal pattern we tend to classify as “manufacturing”. Mine was not a conventional path to this career, but that often occurs for women in this industry. It is not our original career destination, but we find it a great fit, we stay, and we succeed. As a group, women continue to be underrepresented in the manufacturing sector and understanding the root cause of this dilemma can help us develop needed solutions.
When I review the vast amounts of research and combine it with my personal experiences and observations, I can’t help but see the patterns giving us answers.
In this three-post series, I have placed these patterns into a product life cycle concept that includes: 1. Introduction stage—STEM Education
2. Growth stage—Women in Manufacturing
3. Maturity stage—Re-energizing Manufacturing

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