A Beginner’s Guide to Forging Fundamentals

The process of forging produces some of the strongest manufactured components as compared to other metal manufacturing process, making it so important in the metal manufacturing industry.  Forging does not change the grain structure of the metal as it is formed, making it all the more innovative.

Forging is the process of shaping metals into desired dimensions by using compressive forces applied through various tools.

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Responsive learning is the way forward for Generation Next manufacturers

“We don’t get to decide whether we have challenging students in our classes, but we can certainly decide how we respond to them” writes Carol Ann Tomlinson in her book Students Who Challenge Us. This holds true when dealing with Generation Next learners. The members of this generation, which is also known as millennials, New Age, or Generation Y, are much more tech savvy than their predecessors and are proficient in a Web 2.0 world that includes social media and different mobile devices. Being avid followers of technology, they are accustomed to the quick retrieval of information and filter information according to their need. The slightest delay in accessing information can draw their attention away from the subject matter. As technology has a profound impact on their learning, responsive learning has come to the rescue, especially for the manufacturing sector.

responsive learning illustration

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